GUAN XIN   /   Field Producer - Cinematographer

Guan Xin was born in 1970 in Liaoning, China. As an independent producer, he has explored the far reaches of Western China, the Taklamakan Desert, the Wujiang River, Ali, Hoh Xil, and other areas in northern Tibet, making films focused on cultural themes, wildlife, and narrative subjects.

Guan has served as a photographer, producer, director and actively participates in cultural exchanges between the East and West. His works include Finding Shambhala, Przewalski's Gazelle and Approaching Hoh Xil.

BRIAN KEANE   /   Composer

Brian Keane is a leading music producer and composer who has won numerous Emmys and Grammys. He wrote the music for Lennon and Yang’s Academy Award winning film The Blood of Yingzhou District.

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