Anytime you use the internet to sports gamble, as a lot of people do, you must use caution and good judgment. Cyber criminals are becoming more bold and have been attacking gambling websites. Usually, it is more of a problem for the sportsbook, but there is always the risk of identity theft and flat out fraud.


Blackmail is sometimes used by cyber criminals as is extortion. It would be wise if you’re going to gamble online to use money orders or Western Union and minimize what the internet knows about you. Life is full of risk and dangers and sports gambling is not good for some people. But then again, eating too many donuts is not good for some people either. There are only so many ways to tell you to use moderation and good judgment. If you think you’re having problems and need some help, here are some organizations which may help you.


Knowing that a young middleclass girl who bet modestly through a bookie, mostly on football. Well guess what. In the bigger investigation to crack the bookies’ gambling ring, they tapped her phone lines, questioned her life style and arrested her when she bet on behalf of other people over the phone line. She never went to jail but still was made to feel like a criminal and cost her money.

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