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Football season will be your busiest time of year. Some bookies shut down after the Super Bowl. That’s where you can pick-up some extra business. You can offer lines on basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, Nascar, and more. There is always room for a good businessman. There is always room for a good bookie. You could run this business out of a home office.

Slots Machine


There is a method where you as a bookie can set up an 800# phone answering service. It can be set up in a foreign country such as Canada. You can post your lines with that answering service daily or more often, if you like. Your clients can phone in their wagers to that 800# after they listen to your lines. Where would you set up shop to take bets? It depends on how big your book is. Ideally you want a place where there is regular traffic, such as a deli, bar, or barber shop.


Customers could stop by or call at your set hours, placing bets without attracting too much attention. These people know other gamblers and soon you will have plenty of business. Some people actually don’t mind losing. It’s a way for them to flaunt their money. They like to talk about how much money they lost on this team or that. They like to gamble and be a player.

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