RUBY YANG   /   Director

Ruby Yang is a noted Chinese-American filmmaker whose work in documentary and dramatic film has earned her numerous international awards, including an Oscar. She lives and works in Beijing.

In 2003, along with producer Thomas Lennon, Yang founded the Chang Ai Media Project to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS in China. Since then, its documentaries and public service announcements have been seen more than 900 million times. The Blood of Yingzhou District, which Yang directed as part of the project, won the 2006 Academy Award for Documentary Short. The project’s second documentary short, Tongzhi in Love, was released in June 2008. In August 2010, Yang and Lennon completed the project’s third documentary short, The Warriors of Qiugang, which was nominated for the 2011 Academy Award for Documentary Short.

Prior to her work in Beijing, Yang’s feature documentaries Citizen Hong Kong and China 21 were aired in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and numerous European outlets after showing on PBS. In 2009, Yang completed A Moment in Time, a one-hourt documentary for the Center for Asian American Media. It was aired on PBS and screened at numerous film festivals in Asia.

She is currently developing several feature film projects with young Chinese scriptwriters.


THOMAS LENNON   /   Producer

Lennon’s work in documentary film has won the field’s most coveted honors: an Academy Award (two nominations), a duPont-Columbia award, two George Foster Peabody and Writers’ Guild awards, and two Emmys (twelve nominations).

He founded, with Ruby Yang, the Chang Ai Media Project; their groundbreaking AIDS messages have been seen over 900 million times on Chinese television and the Internet, probably the largest campaigns in the history of the disease. This work earned them profiles in the Washington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Los Angeles Times and on PBS. Their film The Blood of Yingzhou District won an Oscar in 2007. They recently completed the last in a trilogy of short films about modern China, The Warriors of Qiugang, which he wrote and produced. He recently directed a series of short films for the Internet commissioned by the Peterson Foundation.


GUAN XIN   /   Field Producer - Cinematographer

Guan Xin was born in 1970 in Liaoning, China. As an independent producer, he has explored the far reaches of Western China, the Taklamakan Desert, the Wujiang River, Ali, Hoh Xil, and other areas in northern Tibet, making films focused on cultural themes, wildlife, and narrative subjects.

Guan has served as a photographer, producer, director and actively participates in cultural exchanges between the East and West. His works include Finding Shambhala, Przewalski's Gazelle and Approaching Hoh Xil.

BRIAN KEANE   /   Composer

Brian Keane is a leading music producer and composer who has won numerous Emmys and Grammys. He wrote the music for Lennon and Yang’s Academy Award winning film The Blood of Yingzhou District.

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