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If you’re going to rent a small office, get one on an upper floor, so that you can sense trouble coming. Try to get one with an inside hallway so that it won’t be open for the public to see. Some people have advocated acquiring a false identity.


Apparently in some off-beat publications you can send away for false I.D.’s and Social Security numbers. To each his own, but my thinking on this is it would just get you into deeper trouble. One guy I know of drove around in a van while taking bets on a cell phone, between the hours of 10 am and noon. This is rather extreme, but I guess the cops couldn’t pin him down. Once you’re ready to set out on your own, it would be best to start out small and feel your way along.


While it is best to be knowledgeable of all possible sports bets, and you should offer lines that your customers would want, perhaps it is best at first to limit what you offer to what you are most familiar with. Over time give your customers some freedom and they will become better and more loyal customers. Be very clear about your rules, be polite, on time, and professional.