5 Athletes Who Are Into Online Casinos

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Online gambling is becoming more and more popular year after year all over the world. But what kind of people do they value online casinos so much? In fact, the contingent of players is very extensive. These are people of different ages, genders, professions, and views of life.

Among the players in online casinos like RTP Live Today, there are even professional athletes. In this article, casino expert and author of the best sports slots reviews, Simona Eichelberger, talks about five sports legends who are interested in online gambling. It will surprise you which athletes are at stake here!

Why do athletes love online casinos so much?

Athletes, like no other, know a lot about the pursuit of goals and success. They try their best to be at the top in sports and online casinos.

Of course, in a casino, not everything always depends on the skill of the player (unlike in sports), but an adrenaline rush like on a sports field is still guaranteed. This is also one of the reasons why athletes are often fans of online games.

Online casino games that athletes prefer

Today, online casinos around the world offer a large number of online games from the best developers. Among them are classic table and card games such as blackjack, poker, roulette, and baccarat, as well as a large selection of online slots on almost every topic.

Among them are several games on the subject of sports. Thus, the best slot machines for sports interactions are very popular. For example, there are football online slot machines that are in high demand among the fans of this sport.

5 Sports Legends Playing at Online Casinos

Wayne Rooney

He is one of the most legendary players of the English club “Manchester United”. During his career, he played for Everton, Manchester United, DC United, and Derby County both as a striker and as a midfielder. Rooney is widely known as one of the best players of his generation and holds the record for the most goals for Manchester United and England.

This football star claims that he regularly makes big bets on roulette. He also likes blackjack and online slots. Once, within two hours, Roony managed to place bets worth more than $85,000 in total. According to journalists, football player has constantly spent almost a million dollars on betting.

Charles Barkley

Barkley is an outstanding American professional basketball player. Once, in 2006, he admitted during an interview that he had a gambling addiction that cost him dearly. However, he did not think about giving up. A year later, Barkley actually won $700,000 in blackjack and betting on the Super Bowl.

The basketball player is also a frequent visitor to suburban casinos in Las Vegas. After another visit to this city, he once left $2.5 million there.

The athlete himself openly admits his problems with gambling, but he does not think about stopping. After all, he can afford this expensive hobby.


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Michael Jordan

Jordan is a former American basketball player. Successes in his sporting career can be discussed for hours. As a six-time NBA champion with the Chicago Bulls, he became the undeniably best and most famous player ever on the basketball court. A world star nicknamed MJ has millions of fans around the world, despite ending his sports career back in 2003.

But Jordan is not only known as the greatest athlete, but also as an avid lover of casino games. His passion is poker, for which he spends a lot of time and money. Michael Jordan is known for putting hundreds of thousands of dollars in one night and every now and then it pays off for him as well.

Alex Rodriguez

American professional baseball player and third baseman. A valuable player in the American League and one of the best baseball players of all time.

In addition to his sports career, Rodriguez is also known for his private life. Namely a five-year romance with Jennifer Lopez, which unfortunately never ended in a wedding.

But among other things, the baseball player repeatedly drew attention to himself with a gambling addiction. Like many other athletes, he prefers poker. He was repeatedly spotted setting high stakes, which almost ruined his sporting career.

Floyd Mayweather

Mayweather is a professional American boxer and simply a world-class star.

One of the main passions of the boxer, which he does not try to hide, is gambling. The athlete prefers sports betting. And not only in boxing but also in other sports.

He willingly shares his successes with his fans by posting photos of his winnings on social networks. For example, when he bet $6.5 thousand on Lopez, he managed to increase the profit to $20,000.

According to the boxer himself, he completes sports bets almost every day.


Adrenaline is perhaps the main reason why many athletes like to play. Due to their professional nature, they simply can not live without adrenaline and compensate for the lack of thrill with the help of high stakes.

But not only athletes consider online casinos to be a great pastime. People of different professions, backgrounds, and ages enjoy the game and also have the opportunity to win good money.

Remember that online casinos are absolutely legal in Austria, but do not forget that you should only play on reliable gambling sites.