8 Ways to Get Better Winning Chances on Sports Betting

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Football betting legally falls into the category of games of chance. This makes it sound like you are purely gambling when you bet money on a football match through sites like Slot Gacor. Of course, that’s far from the truth. Because if you approach it strategically, your chances of winning increase and you get the most out of your football bets. Wondering how you can achieve this? With these eight tips, you will already take your first steps towards a successful life as a football bettor!

Studying statistics: make it a fixed ritual

You may have been a big football fan for years. In that time you have undoubtedly gained the necessary knowledge of the different leagues, clubs, players, and all the other things that make football so fascinating. But now you should not think that you know it all and that your football knowledge is sufficient to place one bet after another. Even the bookmakers (who have quite a bit of football knowledge in-house) do not rely purely on their own expertise.

If you are betting, it is smart to apply the same tactics as the bookmakers do. That means you have to dive into the match statistics and follow the football news closely. Only then is it time to estimate your chances and weigh the odds against the risk. For each match, you start over with the same ritual of studying statistics. And yes, you also do that if you bet your money on the matches of, for example, Juventus or Bayern Munich. A good match with Juventus in the previous round is no guarantee that there will be another resounding victory next week. A thorough preparation can even send you in a certain direction. You may find out that Juventus have barely scored in recent years against the club that will visit this weekend. That is of course perfect information to use for an over/under bet

Comparing odds: simple but effective

During the preparation for your football bet, you naturally also look at the odds with an oblique eye. After all, the potential profit amount must be worth it to want to take the risk of a bet. But do you settle for what the first best bookmaker offers you or do you take a smarter approach?

When betting on football, you have to take many factors into account. You analyze the statistics, faithfully follow the latest sports news, and always make a good trade-off between the different betting options. After such careful preparation, it is a shame if you forget that the bookmakers almost all offer different odds. Comparing a round is therefore a good idea anyway. The comparison starts as soon as you start looking for a new bookmaker. Think about which competitions or betting options are interesting for you and just take a look at a few matches to see how high the odds are. This way you will automatically notice that one online betting office is a bit higher than the other by default. The differences are not very big, but after a few bets, the extra profit starts to increase. By the way, if you are planning to really actively engage in your football betting, it pays to create a player account with two or three bookmakers. This way you can go for the highest possible profit at every football match.

Finding value using probability calculation

If you go through the long list of football bets, you will see the most diverse odds. It seems a lot more interesting to go for a bet that yields four times the bet than for one that at most doubles. But that doesn’t have to be the case in practice. In proportion, that bet with odds of 2.00 is perhaps much more profitable than that with odds of 4.00. How is that possible? It’s a matter of weighing risk against profit. In other words, welcome to the world of probability calculation!

You may have thought that you had left the probability calculation behind as soon as you left high school. Nevertheless, your mathematical knowledge still comes in handy when you start betting on football. With the help of probability calculation, you can look for value. That means nothing more than that the odds are higher than you expect based on the statistics. Imagine you focus on the Eredivisie match between FC Groningen and PSV. With a victory for FC Groningen, the odds are 3.12, and at PSV at 2.22. The people of Eindhoven are therefore a slight favorite. By means of probability calculation, you may find out that it is smarter to put your money on Groningen than on PSV. This calculation starts with estimating the chances of winning. If you give FC Groningen a chance of winning 35%, then according to your calculation the odds should be (100/35 =) 2.85. Since the bookmaker bets on 3.12, you have found value with this bet.

Increase odds with the help of a combi bet

Value betting requires the necessary betting experience. Are you not yet ready to accurately estimate the chances of success of a bet? Then immerse yourself in combi betting.

A combi bet (or combined bet) is a simple way to increase the odds. If you link multiple bets together on your betting slip, the bookmaker ensures that the odds go up. And not just up, because the odds are even multiplied by each other. Three bets with a value of 1.50, 1.82, and 2.00 together come to odds of 5.46. With that, the profit immediately increases quickly! But there is a catch because you have to have everything right before you win the combi bet. Because of this rule, it is wise to choose your football bets with care. It is best to choose bets with a relatively large chance of winning. With odds of up to 2.00, you are in any case on a chance of 50%. Also, don’t add too many bets to your combi bet. This way you still have some control over your combined bet.


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Go for a long-term vision with a strategy

With a combi bet, your bet is immediately worth a lot of money. Still, you shouldn’t exaggerate. As soon as the odds get too high, you know that there is a high chance that you will lose the bet. This also applies to single bets. You may be hoping that you make a lot of money with one bet, but the reality is different. Because how useful is it to bet 100 euros on a bet with odds of 15.00 if you are almost certain that you will lose it? You can forget about that profit of 1,400 euros.

In lotteries, there is plenty of advertising with the chance that your life will change in one fell swoop if you win the main prize. In that respect, football betting is really a different kind of game of chance. Don’t expect to be able to stop working and travel to a tropical island in no time. When betting on football, you have to focus on the long term. This means that you build up your bankroll calmly and never take too big risks. In the end, this way of playing is really going to take you the furthest. This long-term vision does require a clear strategy. A simple strategy does its job just fine. For example, agree with yourself that you only go for bets with odds that are below 3.00. Or never bet more than 1/20 of your total gambling budget at a time. These types of agreements give you guidance during betting and ensure that you do not make decisions in the fire of play that you will regret later.

Determine your gambling budget and start spreading out

The football world is full of surprises. Who doesn’t remember the eighth final between Real Madrid and Ajax in the 2018/2019 Champions League tournament? The first leg in the Johan Cruyff ArenA was already won 2-1 by the Madrilenians. It was only a formality to cash in that ticket to the quarterfinals at home. But against everyone’s expectations, Ajax won the match at the Bernabéu 4-1 and Real could forget about that quarterfinal. These kinds of surprises are more common than you might think. So even if you’re fairly sure of your prediction, you can lose. In addition, we immediately come to an important tip: never bet all your money on just one or two bets. By spreading, any losses are much easier to absorb. Moreover, this prevents you from using much more money out of pure frustration than you can actually miss. Because if you use your entire bankroll for one bet and you lose it, then you are still inclined to make up for that loss quickly. That can just get you into big trouble.

Before you can start spreading, you must of course determine your gambling budget. How high that monthly, weekly, or daily budget depends entirely on your own situation. Maybe you have 100 euros a week at your disposal or maybe even ten or fifty times as much. The amount is also not interesting, as long as you reserve a separate game for your football bets. And from that jar, you can spread. If you then lose a bet, you still have enough money left to end the month profitably.

Small leagues and lower divisions can be very interesting

Bookmakers analyze the statistics accurately before putting the odds online. But they also think strategically. Important matches and competitions always attract large groups of football bettors. There is no shortage of attention when the final of the Champions League or El Clásico between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona is on the program. For a bookmaker, it is therefore not necessary to convince you with extra high odds. With smaller leagues or lower football divisions, that’s a different story. Chances are you’ll take the matches out of the 3. Bundesliga stubbornly ignores week after week. Although that will soon change if the bookmakers put the odds a bit higher to get extra bettors to these matches. And that is indeed what happens every now and then.

Yet it does not always happen consciously that you can find value in these types of competitions. The bookmakers simply spend less time sorting out and analyzing the statistics. That can be quite beneficial for the odds. So look beyond the standard football leagues and tournaments. This can just give you extra profit.

Occasionally check if your strategy still works

You delve neatly into the match statistics before you place a bet. And of course, you divide your gambling budget over multiple football bets so that you can overcome any losses. And those odds? Here too, you have now found the perfect balance between risk and profit. At least, that’s what you think. Maybe the facts tell a completely different story.

Anyone who is going to bet on football should occasionally take a step back and take some time for a real evaluation. Calculating your ROI (Return on Investment) is a useful tool. The ROI simply shows you whether your gambling activities are indeed as profitable as you think. The formula ((bankroll * 100) / bet) reveals all the information you need. If the bookmaker has deposited 208 euros into your account in the past month and your total bet was 200 euros, then you know that you have made a profit. Based on the ROI, you dive a little deeper into the figures. The formula arrives at a number of ((208 * 100) / 200 =) 104. This is the ROI percentage, which shows you that you have made 4% profit in the past month. That’s not bad, although most football bettors aim for a win percentage that is somewhere between 5 and 10%. One ROI percentage is not that much, so schedule an evaluation regularly. This way you can quickly see whether you are on the right track or whether you still need to adjust something in your betting strategy.