Betting & Demen303: Money Management

Good money management is one of the main bases for lasting betting success. It’s not about winning a bet with as much effort as possible, but about solid management. Otherwise, you’ll be left empty-handed very quickly. Losing is simply part of sports betting, even if you consider yourself the greatest expert.


Betting & Demen303: Pay attention to your money management

Betting and demen303 professionals place a maximum of 1% of their total bankroll on a single game per bet. Admittedly, as a beginner, you will hardly want to deposit that much money, but still, memorize this procedure and try to imitate it. Only bet as small a partial amount as possible. In this way, you keep the risk of bankruptcy as low as possible. You will see that even small betting wins can mean permanent profit.


Betting requires discipline. If you become greedy or risk everything like a raging bull with every bet, you will end up on the nose definitely. Memorize the principle again: bet with small stakes and make a reasonable turnover with it.


Betting & Demen303: Write down your bets

It may sound banal, but betting professionals recommend it to you again and again. Writing down your bets gives you a good overview of which bets you are winning at and where you are losing money. For example, create a simple Excel file and feed it with your bets. What seems tedious at first glance can provide you with valuable insights, especially after a long period of betting.

Betting & Demen303: Collect information

Stay on the ball and always be well informed. Before you bet on a match, some research is needed. You need to know which players are injured and which teams are in a form of crisis. You have to know how the two teams have played against each other in the past. Of course, the bookmakers aren’t exactly stupid either and have a lot of knowledge. Nevertheless, if you deal intensively with the respective game beforehand, you can also estimate the probabilities better.


The best way to get started in the betting business is to look for one of the popular betting providers. Large betting providers do not have so many customers for nothing. They are usually simply better than the competition. You should take the bonus with you, but don’t try to play free with risky bets.