These people know other gamblers and soon you will have plenty of business. Some people actually don’t mind losing. It’s a way for them to flaunt their money. They like to talk about how much money they lost on this team or that. They like to gamble and be a player.


Whether gambling or not there is no doubt that all across America, from the youth fields to the pro arenas, beautiful women are all around sports. While the U.S.A. men’s Olympic teams have mostly been disappointing lately, U.S.A. women’s teams have been medaling, raising the interest, participation, and involvement of women in sports. This all adds up to more women players, spectators, coaches, sports fans and sport gamblers – even female bookies. For anyone who is interested, it would seem to me that love and romance can be found on the common ground of sports gambling.


Sporting events make for nice dates and what better way to raise the interest than having a stake in the outcome. Look around at the youth sport leagues in America. While young boys have been slipping off to video games and extremes sports, young girls have been filling up the team sport rosters, many playing in boys’ leagues.