Online gambling and its risks

Online games of chance are games of chance that can be played over the Internet on a computer, mobile phone or other devices like a tablet. One of the examples of online gambling is 인싸포커.

The virtual slot machine in the online casino still looks like a slot machine, and the mode it is played is almost similar to the offline variant. The situation is similar with internet sports betting or online poker.

What are the specific risks of online gambling?

  • Gambling is always available.
  • The internet is omnipresent.
  • Marketing is aggressive.
  • The money is virtual.
  • It is easier to bypass controls on the Internet.
  • The illegal offer has its pitfalls.
  • There is no social control.

Online betting

Over time, sports betting and the way you bet have changed radically. Availability, accessibility, frequency and betting options gradually increased. Today, a player can spend all day betting on any sport in the world.

However, the world of betting is not limited to sports and horse betting. In recent years a new form of “sports betting” has emerged: betting on electronic or virtual sports. This new type of betting changed the money gaming market by connecting video games to the world of betting. There are also bets that are seldom associated with the game of money in the general mind, such as certain types of betting on financial markets.

  • Sports betting
  • Horse racing
  • Betting on e-sports competitions
  • Betting on financial markets

Games or gambling?

The line between games and gambling is disappearing. The two aspects of skill (games) and luck (gambling) mix. Because gambling elements are increasingly being integrated into games and games of chance are perceived as games. In-game purchases are also possible in free games, which lead to game advantages. The characteristics of the offer are not always recognizable for the person playing. Knowing the mechanisms can help players to control their money and time spent in order to play responsibly and with fun.

E-games: Online video or online computer games on PCs, consoles or mobile phones increasingly contain gambling and payment mechanisms. This increases the risk of debt and problematic gambling. Which elements of gambling can be found in games, how do gamblers spend money in these games and which problems can arise in the process?