Playing Offshore or Domestic Online Gambling?

The Australian online gambling policies have been undergone refinement and the prohibitions towards illegal gambling websites clarified in the past years. Even though, offshore gambling sites are still a very popular option among Australians. Estimates for offshore bets in Australia are ranging from 64 to 400 million Australian dollars. There are experts who have predicted that this will grow even more by up to a billion by the following years.

Offshore online gambling sites not just pose possible harm among consumers in form of deceptive and fraud deals but also, there’s a long term consequence that they may face by reducing tax dollars that are generated by licensed market. Still, there are plenty of convincing reasons for government in restricting the utilization of offshore gambling and the challenges of doing such is creating real challenges for governments worldwide.

There are numerous consumers who are actually turning to using offshore websites for more attractive bonuses and odds. All thanks to the ability of the website in bypassing domestic regulatory requirements.

What Exactly is Offshore Online Gambling?

In Australia, the licensed operators such as 918Kiss are capable of providing online wagering and lottery services. There are other kinds of internet gambling too similar to casino, bingo, poker and slots that are prohibited.

Offshore online gambling services are basically operating in abroad, oftentimes, the ones that have less stringent regulations. They could offer the kinds of games or options that are restricted to the domestic site. The diversity of selections and offers make them even more attractive and appealing among interested clients.

On the other hand, the lack of regulation is also an indication that these consumers may not be thoroughly protected from the possible harmful practices that they may be safeguarded with if they’re playing with a licensed site.

Domestic Gamblers versus Offshore Gamblers

In a survey performed by researchers, it has been discovered that over 52.7 percent of participants preferred gambling on offshore websites. Both gambler groups (offshore and domestic had low concerns regarding where a site is being regulated. The common grounds for their selection of website was the convenience and ease of use for the site in question.

While it is true that it is possible to play from offshore gambling websites, still, it is recommended to play from regulated operators. One of the main reasons for this is the simple fact that you are protected from fraud and that your information will never be compromised.