Satta Matka : Flourishing via India’s Home Grown Online Gambling Industry

Gambling in India has never been more fervent than it is today now that most of the gambling options can be accessed, processed and played via the internet. Even the traditional lottery game satta matka that many thought was forgotten, has been revived as a stand-alone lottery game. It’s now supported by multiple satta kings or organizers of satta lottery events.


Lately, satta matka online has taken desi gamblers by storm, as many have discovered the convenience of being able to access and play in different satta markets.

Why Satta Matka Games Have Become Increasingly Popular in India

Actually, online lotteries are increasingly becoming popular amidst India’s fast-growing, home-grown online gambling markets. A satta king, running a satta matka lottery, finds it less cumbersome to organize matka lottery events over operating an online casino or a sports betting website.


Since different states can promulgate and enforce their own set of gambling laws, confusion often arise on who are allowed to play legally. Some others complain about the limited choices, Indian gamblers tend seek the online betting facilities furnished by offshore gamblers.

Still, ever since the vintage satta matka lottery emerged as a web-based lottery option, several organizers are offering different draw events, not only several times during the week but also twice, one during the day and another draw slated in the evening.


Actually government draws are in want of innovations and better regulations as the government’s main focus is merely to sell cheap tickets that can boost revenues going into government treasuries. As a result, local gamblers are turning to online gambling websites that offer a balance between the chances of winning and the risks of losing, which is how gambling is supposed to be.

How to Choose Entries for Satta Matka Betting

Presumably, this is one of the reasons why the satta matka was revived. Here players make their own number combination, by guessing choosing any three numbers between 0 and 09 for a single satta entry or between 00-99 for a jodi entry.

Traditionally, the winning number is determined by the satta king organizing the event, by drawing numbered slips of papers juggled inside an earthen pot or jar called matka. Jodi number entries on the other hand are established by using a deck of playing cards.


Some satta lotteries add substance to the lottery feature by adding a fourth number that serves as a multiplier. The fourth number is determined by adding the randomly chosen three numbers, let’s say 2, 5 and 7, which gives a total of 14. However, only the last digit will be usedto complete the entry as 2, 5, 7 * 4.


Following the traditional satta matka lottery, two draws can be held, the Opening or the Day Draw and the Closing of the Night Draw. A player may choose to come up with another number combination using the same approach and book it as his or her entry for the second draw. Supposing he or she chooses 4, 6, 8, which gives a total of 18, his second draw entry will be 4, 6, 8 * 8. In which case, a player’s final sattamatka card will show these number combinations: 2, 5, 7 * 4 and 4, 6, 8 * 8.