Sports Betting – Winning Depends On A Certain Extent

In sports betting, bets are placed on the outcome of a sporting event – for example, which team will win or which goal result will be achieved.

In contrast to games of chance, which depend entirely on chance (in roulette, for example, the probability of winning is the same for every number), players can use their knowledge of sports and their (mostly supposed) “background knowledge”.

Sports Betting Explained Series

In fact, sports betting (as Judi Bola Online) is considered by experts as so-called “games of chance with a competence component”. This means that a win depends to a certain extent, but not entirely on chance. Knowledge and experience also influence the chances of winning. However, this factor is overestimated by many gamblers, as studies have shown – and it is precisely this overestimation or incorrect estimate that makes sports betting a game of chance with increased risk potential. The fact is: a sports result cannot be predicted.

A particularly risky variant of the sports bet is the so-called “live bet “. An event is tapped during a game. This puts the players under great time pressure – this increases the risk potential of this type of bet compared to other sports bets (where the tips are placed before the sporting event). So the gamblers hardly have timeTo reflect and, for example, to weigh up their stake or to decide not to continue playing. They miss the “cooling off phase” after the game – under these conditions, many lose control of their own gaming behavior. This risk is also reflected in the survey results: People who take part in live betting were found to have a five-fold risk of problematic or dependent gaming behavior.

Oddset is a form of sports betting in which fixed odds are placed on the outcome of a sporting event – for example, which team will win, what the half-time score will look like or what goal result a game will end with. The possible winnings can be determined from the specified odds. Oddset is offered by the German Toto and Lottoblock (DTLB).

Toto is a classic sports bet in which the outcome of football matches or – in the case of the Toto selection bet – the six games with the highest undecided results is bet. Toto is also organized by the German Toto and Lotto Block (DTLB).

Horse betting is subject to different legal regulations than other sports betting. A bet is made on the order of entry of the participating horses. Bets are placed either on the racetrack or with a bookmaker.

Legal position

According to the current State Treaty on Gambling, sports bets are “bets at fixed odds on the outcome of sports betting or sections of sporting events”. For example, the score at halftime counts as a “section of a sporting event”.

The state treaty for the re-regulation of gaming in Germany is currently in place (State Treaty on Gaming 2021 – GlüNeuRStV 2021), which has yet to be signed by the prime ministers of the federal states and ratified in the state parliaments. The GlüNeuRStV should come into force on July 1, 2021. This provides for a liberalization of the offer with regard to sports betting, for example on the Internet.

So-called “live bets ” (bets during the ongoing sporting event) are only permitted to a limited extent: Bets during the ongoing sporting event are not permitted because they are extremely addictive. Notwithstanding this, sports bets that are bets on the final result may be permitted during the ongoing sporting event (final result bets). Bets on individual events during the sporting event (event bets ) are excluded ”(excerpt from Section 21, Paragraph 4 of the State Treaty on Gambling). For example, bets cannot be made on events such as yellow cards or corners, mainly because the risk of manipulation would be particularly high here.