Ways how to Win in Sports Gambling

There are cases where people will be extorted or blackmailed. There is the stereotype of debtors getting beat-up or thrown into the river if they don’t pay up. The anti-gambling establishment will point to bankruptcy and corruption as reasons to stamp out illegal gambling. 2005 was a particularly bad year for the referees, umpires and officials.

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They tended to make mistakes in big spots, sometimes being suckered by players into making bad calls. This can be very frustrating to the sports gambler. Breaks are part of the game and you can never predict which way they will go. Seattle was an underrated underdog and a good bet. Well, guess what? The refs did their best to take that game away from Seattle making lousy calls at critical times. losing money. “Snap back to reality hop there goes gravity.”


It should be said that Seattle didn’t help their own cause by dropping passes and poor play calling, but I think it’s safe to say the refs had a hand in keeping Seattle from covering with those extra three points. You have to wonder sometimes about the refs and umpires. They are supposed to be our best and should not be a factor into the betting equation, but sometimes they do.