Games of Chance: eSports, Sports Betting, Live Casino Online

What does eSports have to do with online casinos? Many similarities cannot be seen at first glance. But if you take a closer look, a lot is obvious. Both genres are about fun and cash prizes, and even the tournaments work very similarly. Due to the strong growth of both areas in recent years, they could complement each other perfectly and maybe even bring a new life to the game.

These days, online casino platforms offer varied games which includes eSports, sports betting, and live casino. In Malaysia, the most favored game is online live casino Malaysia. The game offers the feel of being in a real casino where you can interact with the banker and other players. The cash money is also legit.


Differences between eSports and Gambling

There are big differences between eSports and classic casino games. Most casino games are more about putting your luck to the test. As a player, you basically have no influence when you play a slot machine. All results are determined by a random number generator, while eSports is a different league. After all, it is not only a question of the right strategy, but also of the ability to react and speed of action. But gambling providers in particular are already technologically fit today. And since there is a lucrative market here, one can assume that one or the other online casino will soon be offering eSports tournaments.


Similarities and functionalities

eSports tournaments don’t work on the principle of charity . The way it works is the same for all games of chance and tournaments. The classic lottery only works like this, because many people pay a small amount for their ticket. Only a few will win at the end of the draw.

The casino keeps an average of 3% of lost money at the slot machine or roulette table and makes the remaining 97% available to other players in the form of payouts. If a player wins, he receives the losses from other players. 3% of these losses remain in the casino if the bank wins the game.

It is of course the same with eSports tournaments. There are relatively low participation fees for participation. And at the end the winners receive the main prize, which of course consists of the combined participation fees of the other players minus the profit for the organizer.


This is a video where the panel brought regulators and game developers together to discuss the importance of eSports and how it will appeal to millennial consumers.

Where does this ultimately lead?

Online casinos have an extremely high level of expertise in the implementation of online games with money winnings. But there is still no eSports events in online casinos. Presumably this has to do with the average bandwidth of different users and possible problems with possible game delays / lags. But it is only a matter of time before online casinos discover this market for themselves and run their own tournaments.

In contrast to the current eSports tournaments, it could even come to the point that there are also amateur leagues that enable beginners and less experienced players to win amounts of money. eSports events are also possible in online casinos. When it comes to selecting a suitable online casino, online comparison portals such as Casino-Professor are ideal. Because not all online casinos are serious and reliable. So it is worthwhile to evaluate exactly which casinos are reliable in advance.